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Kirsten West is an international chef and cooking instructor who has studied Mexican cuisine for more than 25 years. She cultivated her love for Mexican cuisine through her 20-year friendship with Diane Kennedy, known as the “Julia Child of Mexico,” her eight years of collaboration with Chef Rick Bayless (Mexico One Plate at a Time/PBS), who is considered the foremost expert on authentic Mexican cuisine in the US, and her 50-plus years of studying, exploring and fine-tuning Mexican recipes. Among the thousands of people that Kirsten West has introduced to true Mexican cuisine is none other than Mike Jagger, for whom she served as personal chef for four years. Today Kirsten lives full-time i

La Piña Azul Escuela de Cocina

Colonia San Antonio

Orizaba 39 A

San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Mexico

Mexican cellular: 415-101-4155

US MagicJack: 312-602-9650

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La Piña Azul

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